Urbavore Farm is built with many green systems such as our earth-bermed passive solar home, composting toilet, grey/black water recycling system, solar panels, and more.

Early phase construction of our earth-bermed home:

Early drawings from our architect reveal a thoughtful design working with nature:

More pictures from early phase construction:

Here are pictures of Reclaimed Barnwood Siding, Reclaimed Bricks and Dry Wall made of Trash, Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Cistern That Holds Purified Grey/Black Water, and the UV Filter That Gives Final Zap to Potable Pond Water/Recycled Water.

There are many more aspects of our farm and dwelling that we painstakingly organized to make it be the passive, environment hugging home that it is. Here are a few more pictures to show you what life is like here at Urbavore Urban Farm.

Thanks for checking out our digs!