Composting at URBAVORE

URBAVORE is committed to diverting food waste from the landfill. We are passionate about pulling from the urban waste stream, and turning "trash" into nutritious food for the community. Through the miracle of composting, your leftover pizza could be next season's heirloom tomatoes! Our FREE program is available to all residential households in the metro area.



• All Food Scraps (including meat & dairy)
• Some Yard Waste (grass clippings & leaves)


• Pull into the front parking lot
• Empty compostables into the large black dump trailer
• Take all plastic bags, containers, etc. with you when you leave


Report illegal dumping to Farmer Dan at 913-522-3458.


Residential Compost Program

5500 Bennington Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64129

Open Tuesday thru Sunday, 9:00 to 7:00 PM, year-round (may be closed in inclement weather)
FREE to all metro residents

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best way to collect and store food scraps?

We suggest collecting food scraps throughout the week in a small bucket or container with a tight fitting lid to keep out flies and reduce odor.  The receptacle can simply be emptied into the dumpster and taken home to be filled again.  Tip: line your bucket with a paper bag, so the contents slip out easily and do not stick to the receptacle.  This will reduce odor and the need to continually clean your bucket.

Can I collect food scraps in compostable "plastic" bags?

We do technically accept compostable bags, but we discourage them.  The bags take a long time to decompose and aren't ideal for our simple composting system.  

How often should I dump food scraps?

If you live nearby or pass the farm in route to work, it makes sense to dump every week.  If you must make a special trip from a reasonable distance, you may want to store your scraps for two to three weeks in a five gallon bucket with a lid, preferably in a garage or somewhere out of the way.  Please understand that the compost gets very stinky and wet when held this long, and the bucket gets heavy as the scraps break-down.  That said, we don't mind the "muck" if you don't!

Can I compost paper products?

We accept brown paper bags, paper leaf bags, paper plates, and cups.  Make sure cups & plates do not have plastic liners.

I'm cleaning out my garden, can I compost weeds & debris?

Yes.  No woody material that would need to be chipped like sticks, branches, logs, and brush.

What do I do if the dumpster is full?

We try to manage the program to the best of our abilities, but there are times when the dumpster fills up in one "go" with leaf bags and yard waste.  Other times, weather prevents us from hauling the dumpster (overly wet or icy conditions cause the tractor & trailer to get stuck).  In most cases, food scraps can creatively fit into a very full dumpster.  Loads of yard waste simply have to wait until the dumpster is emptied.  DO NOT leave material outside the dumpster, and please use caution when dumping materials.  URBAVORE is not liable for injuries. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Can I use the program in inclement weather?

We are open year-round.  However, the parking lot is gravel and we cannot shovel snow.  Park on the street and walk your scraps in if parking lot conditions are poor.

How should I respond to illegal dumping or program abuse?

Some users don't understand that they need to empty plastic bags, etc., but we're not there to tell them.  Help us educate those folks about how to best use this resource.  If you witness the dumping of trash or commercial waste, please report to Farmer Dan immediately at 913-522-3458. Be sure to get license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions.  We will report it to the authorities.  Help us police this program so that we can continue to serve the KC community!